7 How does Coronavirus transmitted that must be Vigilant

The spread of the coronavirus is very fast in various parts of the world in the world. In a short time, there have been many countries included in the list of countries infected with the COVID-19 virus. Generally, the way the transmission of coronavirus tends to occur more in children, but parents must be vigilant. Moreover, this disease is very dangerous for those who are elderly and physically weak.

As we know coronavirus is a virus that attacks the respiratory system. This disease has also caused many casualties with dozens of other people infected so it requires intensive care. In the early symptoms or features of this virus transmission is not so visible even as the common cold. This is what makes sufferers likely not aware that they already carry the coronavirus in their bodies.

Therefore, you need to know the process of transmission of this virus. First of all, you need to know what can cause you to be infected with this virus, how it is transmitted, the symptoms and characteristics that accompany it to prevent effective coronaviruses. Well, for the way the transmission of the coronavirus itself can be caused in various ways.Do you know for more details? Please listen to it.

How does Coronavirus transmitted that must be vigilant

1. Transmission by shaking hands

Transmission of the coronavirus that is launched quickly is through a handshake between one person and another person. Hands are the most vulnerable part of the body to become a den of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Especially after you have done various activities such as coughing or sneezing, littering, touching animals, using the toilet, farming and much more.

If you shake hands with other people, then the virus will automatically move from one hand to the other and so on. Therefore, to prevent transmission of the coronavirus itself it is recommended to wash hands frequently.

Indeed, as we know COVID-19 is not transmitted through the skin but rather attacks the respiratory system such as through the mouth, eyes, and nose. Now, when you accidentally touch the face before washing your hands, you can get corona disease.

2. Hands touch the surface of a virus contaminated object

Items or objects contaminated with viruses can be very dangerous and at risk of contracting. Moreover, coronavirus itself can survive on the surface of objects in a period that is not short, hours and even days.

Items that are often the host of the coronavirus, some of which are door handles, work desks, keyboards, computer PC mice and many more. Therefore, try to always clean objects that are often touched.

3. Traveling to an infected place

Traveling to the infected place or area is the most risky mode of transmission. If you travel without regard to the consequences of contracting the virus, you will most likely be infected. Especially now that we observe many countries have contracted the coronavirus. From the beginning only in China has now spread to Indonesia.

Of course, this must be the result of the transmission of people who are infected and then bring the virus to new places. Or other situations that there are people who continue to travel to the affected area even though it has been banned.

4. Weak immune system

Not only coronavirus that can arise due to a weak immune system. Many other dangerous diseases also arise due to the same factors. Around us now there are many threats of disease, efforts to maintain cleanliness will be in vain if you do not improve a good immune system. An unhealthy lifestyle is often a faster way of transmitting the coronavirus.

5. Coughing and sneezing containing viruses

In the medical world, the spread of viruses can occur from one person to another. This situation is called transmission. Well, this way of transmission can be a big impact because coughing and sneezing allow the virus to get out of the sufferer, then fly and then stick to healthy areas of the person's face such as the eyes, nose, and mouth.

6. Transmission through the air

The spread of the virus can occur through the air directly. How can? This can happen even if a sufferer does not make direct contact with an infected person. The air can carry viruses to alight and stick to various places that will be the host or place. Therefore, people are advised not to leave the house if it is not an urgent matter. The use of masks is recommended in this case.

7. Transmission through Droplets

The last mode of transmission mentioned is a factor that makes the coronavirus epidemic. Transmission through droplets itself occurs with various types of transmission including those we have mentioned above. Starting from the transmission of droplets through the surface of objects affected by the splash of coronavirus up to flying over a certain distance of up to 1 meter to other people and much more.

Droplets are small particles that come from the mouth of the patient with germs. Generally produced when you sneeze, cough or talk. However, the droplets themselves will not survive for long periods or settle in the air. The most effective prevention measures are to maintain cleanliness and use a mask.

This is the information discussed in full about the process of transmission of the coronavirus that deserves to be the center of everyone's attention. Until now, research continues to strive to find out the source, spread and effective ways to treat coronavirus infections. The information above is important as steps to protect yourself from this coronavirus infection.

Being vigilant and maintaining good health at the beginning will make it less likely that your family will get it. This coronavirus is not only dangerous for yourself, but also to other people around you. Protecting yourself from getting infected by this virus should be appreciated to reduce the rate of spread of the virus even higher. Hopefully, the coronavirus transmission can be overcome soon and hopefully useful.

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