10 Effective ways to prevent Coronavirus

Coronavirus has attacked thousands of people in various parts of the world. Worse, this one epidemic has claimed hundreds of lives. Many people feel worried, hopeless and do not know what to do. This virus is not insurmountable. Some ways we can do as an effort to prevent an effective coronavirus. What is that?

Covid-19 is another name for this dangerous virus and its origin is unknown. Since its appearance in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus continues to spread to many countries very quickly. In fact, in Indonesia itself, this disease has plagued and overwhelmed the government. Moreover, the symptoms and the resulting characteristics are not very visible or even still appear healthy.

Therefore, before being infected with coronavirus, people are encouraged to complete their broad knowledge and insight regarding the best prevention for this virus. Coronavirus can be handled well if we are personally aware of the importance of cleanliness and health. More specifically, the action to overcome the coronavirus that you can do  is as follows :

Effective ways to prevent Coronavirus

1. keeps hand hygiene every time

The first point we discuss is keeping hands clean at all times. How we do it? of course, it is to wash your hands diligently. This is the simplest way that can effectively suppress the spread and transmission of the coronavirus. You can start washing your hands regularly to get rid of germs. Especially after you have activities like before and after eating, using the toilet, taking out the trash, touching animals, coughing or cleaning, etc.

why is this important? Did you know, actually coronavirus is not transmitted through the skin, but our respiratory system such as the nose, eyes, and mouth. In this case, the virus can spread when your hands touch a contaminated surface and then continue when you touch the face.

2. Maintain endurance

The immune system is the basis for fighting various diseases. Including corona disease that plague it. Therefore, you need to increase the body's immune system or immune system early to stay fit. How to maintain good endurance? Start by applying a healthy lifestyle.

why is this important? Did you know, actually coronavirus is not transmitted through the skin, but our respiratory system such as the nose, eyes, and mouth. In this case, the virus can spread when your hands touch a contaminated surface and then continue when you touch the face.

Routine exercise, eat nutritious and natural foods such as fruits and vegetables and get enough to sleep. Here are some factors that can help to keeps the immune system. So you will not be easily infected by various dangerous diseases.

3. Use a mask properly

Have you used the mask properly? Some people wear masks that don't suit their use. The mask itself has a function to prevent the entry of fluid into your mouth or nose. Before using it, try to find information in advance related to the recommended way to wear a mask.

4. Avoid consumption of undercooked meat

Eating meat or fish that are not yet cooked is less good for health. This type of raw food can be dangerous if you do not process it properly. Therefore, if you want to eat meat or fish, make sure the food is washed first and then cooked until it is completely cooked. If you want to eat a raw type of food, please hold on first.

5. Do not travel to infected places

Now many countries have contracted the coronavirus. Starting from China and then epidemic to various other countries such as South Korea, India, Taiwan, Europe, the United States, Hong Kong, Japan and many more. Indonesia is already included in it. In order not to contract this contagious disease, you are advised not to travel to the infected place or region.

6. social distance

A condition in which you stand overcrowded or not keep your distance from someone who has been positive Covid-19,  you will also be infected. The virus will easily attach and move to your body. Therefore, government arrangements to maintain social distance or social distancing are important to implement. The recommended safe distance is at least one meter from others.

7. Don't gather in the crowd

Not gathering in crowded places still has to do with the point of how to prevent the previous coronavirus. Maintaining social distance also means avoiding crowds. You also should at least not travel to public places, where the coronavirus could be there. You also certainly do not know whether the crowd is a positive corona. Because the symptoms and characteristics are difficult to observe at an early stage.

8. Don’t touch the face too often

Another simple and practical way to prevent coronavirus is not to touch your face too often. Especially when you have finished your activity and have not washed your hands. If you have this habit, try to stop it to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus through the mouth, life, and eyes as the entrance of the virus.

9. Clean the surface of items that are often touched

Do you know? Coronavirus was able to survive on the surface of objects for several hours to one day. So for that, you need to clean the surface area of goods that are often touched as often as possible. For example, door handles cell phones, computer mouse keyboards, work desks and so forth. Also, use clean water, you can clean it using disinfectant liquid. This liquid is different from a hand sanitizer because you can make it by yourself at home.

10. Eat healthy foods

Eating healthy food is one way to maintain the health of our bodies. In addition to following the coronavirus prevention points mentioned above, you also fulfill the body's need like nutrients, vitamins, fiber, and others by the food and drinks you were consumed. Thus, not only coronavirus can be overcome but also various other dangerous diseases.

The above description is a practical step to prevent coronavirus effectively. Not too difficult to apply right? The main key to success from all the tips to prevent the coronavirus above is good health by having a strong immune system. Not only corona disease but able to fight the attack of other dangerous viruses.

Coronavirus should not be considered trivial because indeed the situation is very worrying now. If you look on television and newspaper news, the number of sufferers continues to increase. For that, let's pay attention to the interests of ourselves and others to prevent covid-19 disease. May be useful.

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