10 Romantic Wednesday Sayings for Your Lover

If you are looking for 10 romantic Wednesday sayings for your lover, you are definitely in the right place. If you need something exceptional instead of “I love you”, some romantic quotes or sayings will make such great choice. Here, you will be able to find the best words to say to your lover the upcoming Wednesday. Without further ado, let’s check this out!

10 Romantic Sayings You Should Say to Your Lover

We cannot deny that some romantic quotes and lines have been said and written here and there, and all of those quotes and lines can be such great inspirations for you. In case it’s hard to find them yourself, here we’ve compiled some powerful sayings that will truly make your lover falling love to your over and over again.

No. 1 – 5: Romantic Sayings from Novels

When we are talking about top 10 romantic Wednesday sayings for your lover, we cannot deny that Young Adult literature can always be the best place to find some inspirations. First, you would love a quote by C.J. Redwine in Defiance“No matter has happened and no matter you’ve done, I will love you all the time.”

Second, a quote by Beth Revis “When I see your smile, I see something more adorable than the stars” will be certainly great to boost your lover’s mood on Wednesday morning. Third, a quote from Tiger Lily by Jodi L Anderson “When I’m being with you, you are the only one I see” is another powerful saying to melt your lover.

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Fourth, when it comes to best 10 romantic Wednesday sayings for your lover, we shouldn’t forget a quote from Rainbow Rowell in her book Eleanor and Park said “I’d like everyone to meet you because you’re my beloved one of all time.” Fifth, there is Diana Peterfreund’s quote “No matter where I go, I always make out my way back to you.”

No. 6 – 10: Romantic Sayings from Songs

In addition to those we can find on novels, songs have always been another best place to find such romantic quotes for inspirations. So, let’s continue the count. Sixth, there is Jack Johson’s line in Better Together which you can modify a little to this “It’s forever better to be together with you.” Seventh, there is “the whole thing I do, I do it for you.”

The eight on these 10 romantic Wednesday sayings for your lover will be “I keep you in my whole heart. You make hard life easier,” which is inspired by Jason Mraz’s Lucky. Ninth, there is “Take my hand and my life as well since I can’t help falling in love over again with you,” which is based on Elvis Presley’s popular song.

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Tenth, there is also a romantic quote like “There is nothing which I won’t complete to make you enable to feel my love,” which is inspired by Adele’s song. Now, choose the one you love the best and say it to your lover. So, there they are the 10 romantic Wednesday sayings for your lover.

Do you need extraordinary way to express your feeling to your lover? Our best picks of romantic Wednesday sayings and quotes will do it for you.

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