10 Christian Sunday Sayings to Come to the Church

Among so many great quotes out there, these 10 Christian Sunday sayings to come to the church must be such nice encouragement for you to pray at church. If you are seeking for inspirational quotes to strengthen your belief to the God and encourage those around you to do so, stay with us since you can find what you need here.

10 Best Sunday Sayings and Quotes for Christian

It is always great to find a quote that can inspire us to be better Christian. With a lot of influential persons out there, we can get some inspirations about motivational quotes to become better person. But, God himself can be actually the greatest inspirational source you can find. For now, here are the top 10 Christian Sunday sayings to come to the church.

No. 1 – 5: Inspiring Christian Quotes about Going to Church

Firstly, there is a quote from Martin Luther that can remind you to go to the church for a good reason “Prayer is unmistakably a strong fortress and wall of the church. It is a goodly weapon of Christian.” Secondly, there is also a quote said “The unsurpassed thing about church is indeed once our heartonGod solely.”

The next quote on this list of 10 Christian Sunday sayings to come to the church will be a quote inspired by Dwight L. Moody “Attending the church is as crucial as a transfusion of rich, healthy blood for a sick man.” This quote reminds us how vital church attendance is for us as Christian because it is as important as life itself.

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Fourth, there is a quote inspired by Max Lucado “God never told that the trip was going to be effortless, but He said that the arrival was going to be meaningful.” Fifth, we also have a saying inspired by Tony Evans’ quote “God is going to see you where you are so he can take you where he would like you to go.”

No. 6 – 10: Inspiring Christian Quotes about Better Life

The next list of these 10 Christian Sunday sayings to come to the church will focus more on inspiring quotes about better life. Sixth, there is another saying inspired by Marin Luther King’s quote “If you are unable to fly, then run. If you are unable to run, then walk. But, the point is that you must keep moving forward.”

Another one of these 10 Christian Sunday sayings to come to the church will be a saying inspired by Francis Chan “Our hugest fear must not be failure, but succeeding something that’s undeserving.” Next, there is also a nice saying inspired by D.L. Moody’s saying “When God is your best partner, bear in mind to make your arrangements immense!”

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Then, there is also an excellent saying inspired by A.W. Tozer’s quote “At all times, everywhere God exists and He always searches to find out Himself to everyone.” The last, a nice saying based on Alistair Begg’s quote too “There is none who is unimportant when it comes to God.” So, there they are the 10 Christian Sunday sayings to come to the church.

Sometimes we need encouraging sayings and quotes to remind us how wonderful life is. Our list of Christian Sunday sayings can be your true solutions.

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