10 foods to prevention Coronavirus Disease

Now, many diseases threaten human life. One of the most popular and endemic worldwide is COVID-19 or commonly known as the Coronavirus. In 2020, the impact of this virus is spreading rapidly and taking many victims. How to prevent it? Are there foods that are effective in preventing Corona?

The government, the media, observers, and experts have called for ways to prevent this disease from increasing. The healing solution is to reduce outside activities, maintain personal hygiene and the environment, regulate healthy food patterns and much more.

One of the keys to success in overcoming corona disease is having good endurance and immunity. To get it, of course, by consuming food or drinks with natural ingredients or properties in fighting various viruses. Especially the Covid-19. As follows, we will summarize a row of the best foods to maintain a healthy body from the coronavirus. Please listen.

10 foods to prevention Coronavirus Disease

1. Fatty fish

You certainly already know the related properties of fat fish. Besides being healthy and safe, the taste also tends to be more delicious than the fat from other animals. What are the benefits that you can get by consuming fatty fish? Nutrition in it is very good for your body to fight various dangerous diseases such as coronavirus.

n addition, fish fat has omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids which can help reduce various symptoms such as fighting inflammation, autoimmune, metabolic syndrome and others. The most recommended fatty fish are salmon, tuna, sardines and many more.

2. Ginger

Food that can help properly in preventing corona disease is Ginger. As we know, Ginger is one type of spices in Indonesia that has warm characteristics. Inside there are various natural ingredients that are believed to reduce the presence of inflammation in your body.

Besides, ginger can relieve chronic diseases and reduce cholesterol. One useful ingredient is Curcumin which can ward off the coronavirus. Then there are beta-carotene and capsaicin compounds that play a role in boosting the immune system

3. Spinach

Spinach is the most popular type of vegetable and can be processed for a variety of tasty and delicious food menus. Are you one of those who like spinach? very good because the vegetable content is indeed the best. For example, there are vitamins with antioxidants and beta carotene to help in the fight against immune infections or bad viruses.

4. Garlic

Well, herbs that can help prevent coronavirus besides ginger are garlic. Of course, you are familiar with this spice. Because many processed dishes require garlic as a flavoring ingredient. Garlic can maintain your immune system and the immune system properly. This spice can reduce blood pressure and slow the hardening of the arteries.

5. Citrus Fruit

Ever tried eating citrus fruits? Examples of citrus fruit are grapes, lemons, mandarin oranges, lime, grapefruit and many more. Well, it turns out these fruits can increase the immune system so that it can prevent the transmission of the coronavirus. The high content of vitamin C has to fight various germs.

6. Broccoli

Broccoli is another healthy food menu mentioned. These foods can help prevent the transmission of dangerous viruses such as covid-19. In broccoli, there are a variety of good vitamins such as A, C, E, minerals, and antioxidants that are rich in fighting against various sources of disease. Also, the antioxidants in broccoli can prevent free radicals in the body's organs so they can remain strong.

To be able to get all the benefits and good benefits of broccoli, make sure that you wash them clean and cook them well. Thus all the good content you can feel. Broccoli is also good as a healthy side dish.

7. Turmeric

If you usually can find turmeric in the form of herbal medicine, well this is an alternative way to be able to get the full benefits of Turmeric. This spicy herb has the benefit of increasing your immunity so that various diseases are unable to infect it. By making the immune system strong, of course, a virus attack can be broken.

8. Red Peppers

In this type of fruit, not only from citrus fruit is recommended for consumption as an effort to live a healthy life and prevent corona disease. Red Peppers are also rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene which are effective for maintaining a good immune system. besides the additional benefits are improving skin health and beauty. Consuming it is not difficult because it can be processed into delicious food or as a side dish.

9. Green Tea

Green tea is a natural ingredient from nature which is effective to increase the body's defense system against various dangerous diseases includes the deadly virus, Corona. Not only green tea but black tea also contains Flavonoids or a kind of antioxidant that is good for health. This material is also a source of amino acids namely L-theanine which can produce germ-fighting compounds in T cells. Interesting isn't it?

10. Yogurt

Yogurt can stimulate the immune system in the body to be able to fight various serious diseases such as coronavirus. The recommended yogurt, in this case, is plain yogurt without sugar. If you want a sweet taste, you can add healthy fruits and honey. Because it is rich in vitamin D, the immune system of the body will certainly be arranged in such a way as to increase the body's foundation of defense against disease.

The above description is a list of names of good food consumed to increase your body's immunity from various diseases. The coronavirus, which is spreading throughout the world, cannot be considered a trivial disease. It might not be dangerous for you, but it could endanger those around you such as the elderly or people with physical weakness.

By keeping your family's life healthy and following the arrangements made by the government, we can contribute to the success of efforts to overcome this deadly virus so that it will not continue to spread. The food recommendations above are rich in vitamins, fiber and good content that is very necessary for the body. Not only to prevent corona disease, even all diseases can be prevented, if we eat healthy foods. It may be useful.

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