Examples of Collective Offering Prayers in Church Worship

Some examples of collective offering prayers in church worship will give you an idea to lead an offering prayer in your congregation. It is no secret that in Christian worship there is always collective offering as a proof of our gratitude to the God. In this case, the offertory will be circulated after word o God.

Collective Offering Prayers in Church Worship

When it comes to collective offering prayers, the prayer is actually different to intercession because you only need to tell several points. That is why offering prayer is typically not as much as intercession. In this case, you should include benediction to show your gratitude, pray for those who read the word of God and then pray for the offertory given.

3 Collective Offering Prayers Examples

There can be a lot of examples of collective offering prayers in church worship available out there. If you are getting ready to lead an offering prayer for a church service in your congregation, these three different short prayers can be some of the best choices you can pray to God prior to start the offering.

#1 Offering Prayer: The Cheerful Giver

As stated in Corinthians 9:7, God adores His congregation who is a joyful giver, praying offertory is something necessary. Here is the prayer example: Father in Heaven, kindly accept our gratitude for Your great blessings which grant us all. Lord, I plead for our congregation so we may always be given with sincerity and cheerfulness.

You can add these examples of collective offering prayers in church worship with this: Father, there is none who has ever supplied us a gift to someone with unwillingness and we should never bestow You what already goes with You with unwillingness either. In the end, approve these offerings and tithes today. We always love You, lord! Amen.

#2 Offering Prayer: You Get What You Give

You must have ever heard about someone who gives to other freely and end up growing all rich. This is because you are supposed to obtain what you sow. With this thing in mind, pray to your God like this for offering prayer. Father, thank you for taking all of us to Your house in safety today and we are very blessed with Your attendance.

In addition to these examples of collective offering prayers in church worship, you can include this to continue: We thank you for the mercy and love You provide for us, Father. We trust the Proverbs Book and pray that every single person here is going to explore their act and heart in compliance to Your word of God.

#3 Offering Prayer: The Tithe Is the Property of God

The last, you can also pray like this: Heavenly Father, we move toward Your throne with modest hearts since we are pleased with all the blessings You give us every day. Father, as we present You our tithes and also offerings today, we are going to think that in fact these are all Yours. That’s all some examples of collective offering prayers in church worship.


Offering prayer is just as important as the offertory itself. Here are some of the collective offering prayers examples for church worship.

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