10 Best Monday Quotes to Start Working with Spirit

So it’s Monday again and you need 10 best Monday quotes to start working with spirit. Let’s be honest, it is sometimes difficult to leave the enjoyment of the weekends when Monday is approaching. Your peaceful morning on the weekends will be replaced by such hectic Monday morning where you should prepare for working again.

10 Best Monday Quotes to Start Your Job Full of Spirit

Even though it’s sometimes hard to meet Monday, you cannot avoid it anyway. That’s why it is better to remember that Monday must be welcomed with big enthusiasm, full of energy and great hope. For this reason we’ve compiled some energetic Monday quotes to help you move on from weekends and welcome Monday full of spirit.

No. 1 – 4: Inspirational Monday Quotes

Let’s begin our list of 10 best Monday quotes to start working with spirit by some inspirational quotes. Firstly, Ken Pairot said “Success is about waking up every morning and intentionally decides that today is going to be the best day of life”. Secondly, David Dweck said “Mondays are the beginning of the work week that provides new start 53 times in a year.

Next, there is Stephen King who said “Amateurs just sit down and wait for some inspirations to come by, there rest just get up and then start to work.” Then, Babe Ruth also said that it is difficult to beat someone who never gives up. So, do you still want to let the Monday goes in vain after reading these inspirational quotes?

No. 5 –7: Happy Monday Quotes

Let’s continue our list of 10 best Monday quotes to start working with spirit by several happy Monday quotes. If you are a big fan of Dr. Seuss, you must have ever heard his quote saying “Today, you are just you, who are truer than true. Then, there is none living who is youer than you.” This quote can surely make your day!

Then, to go happily through Monday, remember this quote too “Be happy so that when other people see you, they will be happy too”. For this reason, there is no cause for you to be unhappy to welcome Monday. Next, there is also a popular quote said “Take your time living with those who make you happy, not the one who you must impress.”

No. 8 – 10: Funny Monday Quotes

What is better to lift your spirit than something that makes you laugh on Monday morning? Our list of 10 best Monday quotes to start working with spirit will be continued by some funny quotes about Monday that can lift your mood. There is a well-known quote saying like “Folks, it’s Monday after all, not the Doomsday”

After that, there is a quote from unknown said “Monday must be a gentleman, it comes so fast.” Since it comes so fast, it will pass quickly too, isn’t it? The last but not least, let’s hear a quote from Jarod Kintz who said “Mondays are ordinary, similar to Tuesdays minus 24 hours.” That’s all the list of 10 best Monday quotes to start working with spirit.

Monday might be hard for some of us since we need to let weekends go. But, these best Monday quotes will surely energize you to start working on Monday!

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