10 Friday Sayings to Pray Together at Mosque

Are you looking for best 10 Friday sayings to pray together in mosque? For Muslim, Friday has always been a blessed day. It becomes such a good day to do a good thing. More interestingly for you who are working, Friday is always great because tomorrow you will be able to enjoy such relaxed weekend with friends or family.

10 Best Friday Sayings to Share with Your Friends

To make your Friday even more amazing, some motivational and happy quotes and sayings can come to play. They will be such a great saying to share with your friends too. As a result, you will be able to encourage your friends do good things together with you in this blessed day. So, here are the 10 Friday sayings to pray together in mosque.

1–5: Encouraging Friday Sayings to Pray Together

First of all, there is “Friday is a good and blessed day, so multiply your rewards by Friday praying.” This quote will be a good one to share to guys who shouldn’t leave the compulsory Friday praying in the mosque. If you want to share this quote to girls, you can change the ‘Friday praying’ with ‘doing good things’.

On the upcoming list of 10 Friday sayings to pray together in mosque, there is a great quote like this “Be friends with good man will bless you with good things. Go to mosque for Friday praying and meet your good friends!” Third, we also have a quote like “If you want to be one of the great people out there, be friends with them.”

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Fourth, there is another great quote to remind you and others how wonderful it is to pray together at mosque on Friday. Here it is “Stop your activity, do the Friday praying because it is much better for you if you know it.” Next, we shouldn’t forget this funny quote too “Boys, if you don’t do the Friday praying, be prepared to be a girl.”

6–10: Positive Friday Sayings for Blessed Friday

On the next list of 10 Friday sayings to pray together in mosque, we have some other positive sayings about Friday which will remind you how blessed this day is. So, let’s continue the count. Sixth, there is this great quote “Your Friday must be full of smiles.It is because smiles more can make your life even more satisfying.”

Seventh, there is also this quote “Mirror your past seek the future. Be someone better who always learns fresh things. Have happiest Friday!” For the next list on these 10 Friday sayings to pray together in mosque, we have this wonderful saying too “Pray since Allah always there to listen” which can be such positive words for a hard-worker.

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Ninth, there is another positive Friday saying that you can share with your friends “You are young. Use your strength to create a better world.” The last but not least, a simple saying like this “Thanks God, it’s already the good Friday” will surely make your mood the whole day. Those are our best list of the 10 Friday sayings to pray together in mosque.

What is more blissful than encouraging others to do good things together? For this Friday, let’s encourage your friends with these best Friday quotes.

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