Collection of Bible Verses for Birthday Sayings

This collection of Bible verses for birthday sayings will help you celebrate any birthday in a better way. It’s no secret that birthdays are an astonishing experience for most of us, especially for children. These moments remind us to give thanks for another year of life.

Moreover, birthdays also give us a chance to give our love to friends and family by sharing meaningful gifts and words of appreciation. And now the question is: what are the better words to share for a birthday? Well, Word of God can be the most perfect choice of all.

Adding a quote or saying from scripture can make an ideal addition to any birthday cake and card. It can remind your loved ones that God has always been with them. If you need some ideas to get started, here we have put together a collection of bible verses for birthdays.

Best Bible Verses to Celebrate a Happy Birthday

Actually, there are some good verses that you can share with your family member or friend on their birthday. Here’s the best collection of bible verses for birthday sayings. First, you can use a verse from Ephesians 2:1 which roughly said that God has prepared something good in advance for us to do.

Moreover, there is also an excellent quote from Jeremiah 29:11 which remind us that God always has a plan for us and these plans are made to proper us not to harm us. They are the plans that can give us a future and hope.

Another good verse that can inspire you for birthday wishes is from John 16:21. This scripture tells us about how a woman delivers her baby with so much pain. However, when the baby is born, she will forget all of her pain since it is switched with happiness.

A verse from Psalm 16:11 can be another great idea to wish your loved one a happy birthday. This verse reminds us that God has made a path of life for us and He fills it with joy. Then, there is also Psalm 20:4 which wish you to make all your plans succeed.

Celebrate a Birthday with Bible Verses

In addition to the collection of bible verses for birthday sayings above, there are actually some other verses that make a perfect addition for your birthday card or cake. For instance, there is one verse from James 1:2 that tells us how blessed we can be if we love Him.

Moreover, there is also a good reminder lies in Colossians 3:15 which reminds us to be thankful for the peace of hearts given by God. This scripture can be supported with Matthew 5:8 which remind us those who are pure in heart are blessed by God.

In conclusion, celebrating a birthday will be more meaningful if we can include God in it. One of the ways is by using bible verse to wish happy birthdays. You can use some of the best bible verses above to celebrate a birthday. Finally, hope you benefit this collection of bible verses for birthday sayings.

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