Birthday Sermons for Christian Youth

Whether you need to preach for a birthday or simply want to know about birthday sermons for Christian youth, you are lucky to be here. It is no secret that sermons can be a great way to tell Christian youth about any important messages that God gives to them.

Moreover, a birthday is also a great moment that can be used by Christian youth to remember how grateful they are from what God had already provided to them. As a result, it can be a meaningful moment that is not only about wasting money for a grand celebration.

Then, there are also some biblical examples that can be included to teach the youth about their own religion and other good things. That’s why we have prepared some good examples of birthday sermons that you help you get started. Without further ado, let’s check this out.

A Sample of Birthday Sermons for Christian Youth

Just like other birthday sermons, the point should be to remind the hearers to be grateful for everything they have got from God. Instead of being pleasing and enjoying only their own selves by celebrating the birthday, it should be about fascinating of what God has given to them.

Referring to Matthew 14:6, you can write a sermon that has a purpose to show that God deserves our gratefulness. Remember that God always has a role in everything that we have achieved until today. It will surely be a great topic of birthday sermons for Christian youth.

Referring to Exodus 15:26, you can also add that the center of a birthday celebration should be the Lord Jesus. It is not about pleasing and praising another entity but Jesus Christ. Then, it should remind us that our body is actually His. It means that one day we need to give it back.

Great Messages to Be Included in Christian Youth Sermons

In addition to some biblical texts above, you can also add some great messages to the sermons to remind the youth how blissful they are. First, tell them that God loves you no matter what. In fact, it is the most crucial truth that any Christian youths need to hear.

Moreover, you also need to tell them that you love them. It may sound cheesy, but there are many teens out there are longing to hear this lovely sentence. Then, use these birthday sermons for Christian youth to remind them that God will forgive them.

After that, you can also tell them that sometimes they need to simply say “no”. We cannot deny that there are some points in our life that make us need to set clear boundaries about something. At this point, saying “no” wouldn’t hurt at all.

In conclusion, delivering a sermon for Christian youth birthday can be an excellent moment to tell some messages that every youth needs to hear as the young. You can remind them how to be grateful and life and how loved they are. That’s all some points about birthday sermons for Christian youth.

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