Top Unique Christmas Celebrations around the World

There are many unique Christmas celebrations around the world.It’s no secret that Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of every year. For several weeks, people seem happier than usual and even winter feels somehow cozier. To celebrate this festive moment, different people tend to have their unique traditions.

For example, people in Norway usually hide their brooms as a part of the tradition to celebrate Christmas Eve. This tradition began a long time ago when people trusted that evil spirits and witches came out on Christmas Even searching for brooms to ride on.

Until now, a lot of people still conceal their broom in the safest place around their house to stop them from being taken by the witches. Aside from this unusual Christmas Eve tradition, there are many others you should know. Read on to find out the most unique Christmas celebrations out there!

Unique Christmas Celebrations Around the World

There are many exceptional ways to celebrate Christmas around the world. In Caracas, Venezuela, you can find the citizens head to the church early in the morning on roller skates. This unusual tradition is very popular that roads are closed to other vehicles. And here are the other ones.

1. Giant Lantern Festival, Philippines

The Giant Lantern Festival or locally called LigliganParulSampernandu is a celebration held every year in San Fernando, Philippines. This festival is celebrated on the Saturday before Christmas Eve. At first, the lanterns were simple creations around half a meter Japanese origami paper. Today, the lanterns are created from a range of materials.

2. Gavle Goat, Sweden

This is one of the extraordinary Christmas celebrations around the world. This celebration has been held since 1966 with a 13-meter-tall Yule Goat build in the middle of Gavle’s Castle Square. This celebration is nowadays followed by burning the goat down. Many people come to see this goat each year.

3. Krampus, Austria

It’s not Halloween, but a Christmas tradition in Austria is a bit chilling. There is St. Nicholas’ evil assistant called Krampus that roams the city scaring kids and punishing bad people. In this tradition, St. Nicholas will reward nice little kids while Krampus is ordered to capture the naughtiest ones.

Other Notable Christmas Traditions You Should Know

Aside from those unusual Christmas celebrations, there are some other ones that you should know too. Cavalcade of Lights in Toronto is one of them. This annual celebration is held to mark the official start to the feast season. This festival initially took place in 1967.

In Columbia, Little Candle’s Day is held to mark the start of this festive moment. This tradition is to honor the Virgin Mary as well as the Immaculate Conception. During the Christmas season, people will put candles and paper lanterns in their front yards, windows, and balconies.

All in all, Christmas is celebrated uniquely around the world. Some of the traditions are linked to the ancient myths and stories while others are held simply to start this festive holiday. Those are several unique Christmas celebrations around the world that you need to know.

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