Birthday Sermon in Child Sunday School

Do you know what the best idea for birthday sermon inchild Sunday school is? If you have no idea at the moment, you have come to the right place. Here, we are going to discuss children’s sermons for special occasions like a birthday celebration in Sunday school.

It’s no doubt that a birthday is one of the most special events that any child loves to celebrate. That’s why bringing in a sermon related to child birthday in Sunday school has always been a good idea. It will be a great moment to make children learn more about their religion too.

Now the question is what should be in the sermon? What kind of activities to do to support the lesson? If you need some fresh ideas to get started, this following information will let you know the sermon idea and also some activities to do. So, check this out!

Sermon Ideas for Child Birthday Celebration

When it comes to birthday sermon inchild Sunday school, taking “The Day of Pentecost” as the theme will be a good choice. Here, you can use a birthday cake with red candles, a package wrapped in red paper, and some red balloons as the object.

The scripture will be taken from Acts 2:4 NIV which give us a lesson that everything can speak in other tongues as a witness on the day of Pentecost. You can start the sermon by pointing out what are the objects you have been prepared before.

These items used to celebrate the birthday can be linked to how they can act on the day of Pentecost. They may look lifeless and helpless today, but they can witness what we do at the moment and say it all to God on the day of Pentecost.

Birthday Celebration Group Activities in Sunday School

In addition to the scripture reading and the sermon, some interactive group activities can also be included in the lesson in Sunday school. Since the theme would be a birthday celebration, cake decorating can be a good choice. It doesn’t need to be a real cake. You can use a round or square foam.

Other activities that can be a good addition to birthday sermon in child Sunday school is a gift hunt. In this activity, children will search for small, low-priced gifts that you have hidden around the room initially. You can use a piece of candy, a small ball, a pencil, and others.

Moreover, you can also do balloon gift activity. Here, children will pop some balloons with a gift from the Holy Spirit inside. You can ask the children to unwrap the gift and share it with others in the class. After that, discuss each gift found and how it applies to our lives.

In conclusion, introducing birthday celebration in Sunday school can be a good idea to teach children about their religion. You can use the sermon idea and do some of the group activities above to make the most of it. Hope you benefit this idea for birthday sermon in child Sunday school.

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