Top 3 Android with Best Front Camera

Android with best front camera nowadays becomes the type of wanted gadget for the users. The capacity of camera becomes preference for many people as having good camera on your smartphone can be very useful. Of course, when you love to take pictures and keep your memories through photo, it is something normal to have that kind of thought.

Best 3 Android with Good Front Camera

Not only for those who love to take pictures of nature or any phenomenon, those who love to take pictures of them self or taking self photo with front camera will also recommend any good smartphone with good camera. Some smartphones are having incredible specifications for camera, which you should never forget. What are those Android with best front camera?

Huawei P20 Pro becomes the top list when it comes to how great the camera is. The specifications of camera that is featured in Huawei P20 Pro is quiet unique, since it is still too rare to find it in the other Android. The front camera for this Android has 20-megapixel in resolution, in which it is even better than many other Android products’ rear camera.

The other Android that is worth to be called as Android with best front camera is Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Being launched in November 2018, this smartphone is really supported with good camera. It is even better than Huawei P20 Pro. For the front camera, it even has higher resolution, which is 24-megapixel. Can you bet how clear the result will be?

Then, move from Huawei product, Google Pixel 3 and Goodle Pixel 3 XL become the next nomination of Android with best front camera. Even though the resolution might be not as big as the cameras from Huawei, the feature of front camera in Google Pixel 3 is supported with dual system and there are 8-megapixel for both of the cameras.

The Benefits of Having Good Front Camera

You might consider the previous explanation about the list of Android with good resolutions of front camera as your reference. Over all, as you can purchase any Android with good camera featured, you can have some benefits. Especially, if the front camera is quiet good, you can take some opportunities from it. Then, what will be the opportunities?

Of course, you can take better self camera pictures from your smartphone. With bigger resolution, the result will not be blurred. Some cameras even have their own ‘beauty’ features, which will make the result become more gorgeous. So, it is something good to have Android with best front camera, especially if you love to take photo of yourself with your front camera.

If you want to have more useful Android, it would be better to consider the camera in it and also the other things related with the phone’s performance. As reminder, as you might love to do photography, it is good to consider having Android with best front and rear camera for taking self photo. So, choose your Android with best front camera as your gadget!

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