Recommended List of Best Android to Buy in 2018

Who does not want to have one of the best Android products as their gadget? The best brand of course offers many features that make people want to buy it. Some Android products are popular in this year and should be on your list of your next gadget. Then, what are the names of those products? Check this out!

Top 3 Popular and Best Android in 2018

As smartphone Android is one of current popular gadget, people start to seek the Android they want. At the beginning, it was only the part of sophisticated gadget. Yet, it grows as the part of tools that can help people’s daily activities. Even many important activities can be done with this gadget and it makes smartphone becomes more necessary.

An Android product can be called as the best product as the smartphone have features and specifications which work well and make people put their interest with the product. One of the newest Android products that considered as best Android is Samsung Galaxy S9. Yes, this is the newest series of Galaxy S-Series from Samsung. This product becomes recommended because of its specifications.

As this product is the newest feature, of course, it makes the features here become more sophisticated. The design is also good and elegant, make people really want to have this Android as their gadget. The camera is also good, so those who have photography as their hobby also can take more interesting pictures with smartphone.

Meanwhile, the next example of recommended Android is Google Pixel 3. This gadget becomes one of the best Android products in this year as its specifications are very fascinating. It is also already supported with the current Android system, which is Android 9.0 or Android Pie. Besides Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 3, you still can find for many good Android products too.

Tips to Buy Best Android for New Gadget

As many Android products are mentioned in the previous paragraphs, it would be good to have some considerations while choosing your new gadget. Before you decide to buy one of any best Android products that mentioned, you better to know well about its specifications. The specifications will lead you to know which the best Android product for you is.

If you consider about having products which are good with photographs, whether it is for panoramic purpose or self photo purpose, some Android with good cameras will be good for you. Meanwhile, it would be different for having Android with good battery life and other complete features of your Android. So, you have to choose the products based on the specifications and your need.

Besides that, do not forget to consider about the price. Even though you already find your choice among many recommended Android products, you still need to make sure that the price is in the same range with the budget you have. With those kinds of considerations, you can finally get the Android that you dreamt of. Then, which one is the best Android you want to buy?

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