Best Android with Good Camera You Have to Know

Nowadays, many people are looking for Android with Good Camera. For you who have high interest in photography, camera becomes something necessary. However, instead of purchasing new professional camera and bring it everywhere, you can escalate your tools by using your smartphone. Of course, it requires good cameras to take a good picture, so you have to know several smartphones with good cameras featured.

Android with Good Camerafor Panorama

This is common thing that usually smartphones come with front and rear camera. Many smartphones already have good cameras for both the front and rear camera. Android with Good Camera for more other photographic skills will be good with its rear camera. So, you need to look for Android with good back or rear camera, for doing good photography with your smartphone.

Some brands are popular for their products of Android with Good Camera. For example, Samsung is one of the smartphone brands that featured with good camera in it. For its newest camera from S-Series, which is Samsung S9, is also supported with its high quality of back or rear camera. The specification of camera that featured in it is camera with 12MP resolution.

It is supported with f/1.5 on its aperture and quite good in video recording with promising resolution, which is 2160p. Meanwhile, the other Android with good rear camera comes from Huawei P20 Pro. With three-camera threat, the quality is quiet good. Its rear camera is supported with 40-megapixel for the RGB, 20-megapixel for the monochrome and 8-megapixel with the capability of 3x optical zoom.

Android with Good Camerafor Self Photo

Who does not want to take a photo of them self? Of course, some people have this kind of hobby. Especially, after the technology supports this activity easier, the trend of self photo, which is usually using the front camera, is rising. Nowadays, many smartphones are really supported with the good specifications of front camera, to provide those who have hobby of taking self photo.

Some Androids are also popular on having good result of front camera. Many people consider choosing new Android with good camera, especially front camera, in order to make them easier in taking photo of their self with good result. Then, what are the smartphone that is supported with good front camera? You can have several choices of the best smartphone with this feature.

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Sony Xperia XZ3 becomes the first name on the list. It has front camera with 13-megapixel in resolution. It means this camera even have better resolution for some smartphones for their back or rear camera. Many people also choose this camera as the best choice for those who are looking for self-photo smartphone. You can consider it as the good one.

Then, Huawei P20 Pro, which is already popular with its good rear camera, is also supported with its good front camera. The front camera of Huawei P20 Pro has 20-megapixel as its power. So, the quality of the front camera of Huawei P20 Pro is very promising. No wonder this smartphone is considered as the promising Android with Good Camera.

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