How Christmas Is Celebrated around the World

Are you wondering how Christmas is celebrated around the world? Often considered as the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas is celebrated by more than 160 countries around the globe. Interestingly, these countries tend to celebrate this festive season differently. Then, how is this special moment celebrated around the world?

Christmas is without a doubt a season of unity. This is not only a moment which is celebrated among a family. We can say that this is one of those rare occasions which unite people worldwide. This occasion can bring people together through Christmas presents, traditions, food, and games.

But, what makes it more fascinating is the way different country celebrates this joyful occasion. For example, England is known to start the Christmas holiday earlier every year while Malta is popular for its full-of-light churches on Christmas Eve. Without further ado, let’s get into the details below!

How Christmas Is Celebrated in Different Countries

When it comes to England, there will be trees and houses decorated with many things. Dinner is usually a priority with turkey traditionally used as the masterpiece. Then, there will be roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, and other foods served. Aside from England, here is how this festive season celebrated in some countries.

1. Malta

Malta has a big Catholic population and is popular for its tradition of Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Here, churches will be decorated with nativity cribs and lights. They are also adorned with important figures. The festive night will be celebrated by putting a Jesus figure on the main altar.

2. France

Then, how Christmas is celebrated in France? This country has its unique way to celebrate Christmas. People in France have Reveillon as their main meal. This is eaten on Christmas Eve and typically includes turkey stuffed, trailing the midnight Church service. This is also when people exchange gifts.

3. Spain

Christmas traditions in Spain are focused on religion. Most people will attend La Mis Del Gallo. On Christmas Eve, families will have PavoTrufado de Navidad, a Christmas dinner incorporating turkey stuffed with mushroom truffles. The celebrations continue as people going down the road with drums, guitars, and singing.

How Christmas Is Celebrated in Other Countries

Aside from those three different countries, there are some other unique ones available. For example, Japan has a very unique Christmas traditions. Even though it’s not considered as a religious holiday, people still celebrate this festive occasion by spreading happiness. Christmas Eve is perceived as a romantic day for couples to exchange tokens and gifts.

Different from other countries, Japanese tends to choose fried chicken as their favorite Christmas dinner. There’s also a gift-giver, but the center is Hoteisho. This is a figure closely linked to Buddhism. But, Japanese New Year is similar to a Western Christmas which focuses on prayer, family, special meals, and greeting cards.

In conclusion, Christmas is celebrated in a range of different ways around the world. It may depend on lots of factors including the location, personal choice, and many more. But, the point is to spend more time with someone close in life. That’s how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

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