Golden Wedding Anniversary Sermon for Christian

Now that you are here, it is safe to assume that you are looking for a golden wedding anniversary sermon for Christian. There is no doubt that many people celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. It is like an event for looking back and for being grateful.

Besides, a golden wedding anniversary is also an excellent day for looking forward and being more confident. We might not know how the future is going to be, but we need to be confident since we can make our plans and remember that God will always be there.

Then, how should we deliver the sermon for a Christian golden wedding anniversary? If you need to preach it yourself or you need to deliver a sermon for your family’s wedding anniversary, you may need some ideas to get started. This following information will help you.

Sample of Christian Golden Wedding Anniversary Sermon

To get you started, here is a sample of golden wedding anniversary sermon for Christian. This sermon is based on Psalms 127:1-123:1 and Psalms 127:1-6. Start by addressing the importance of celebrating a golden anniversary and how we should be grateful for it. Don’t forget to thanks those who are joining the celebration too.

After that, continue to state the scripture used for the sermon. Referring to Psalms 127 and 128, discuss the stage of marriage which includes home establishment, home expansion, and home extension. Elaborate it to show up the meaning of these stages in the process of being together as husband and wife.

You can take this occasion to remind the others how the couple is different from the time when they start to establish their home. In the second stage, you can mention verse 3 of Psalms 127 which talks about children as a reward from God.

As a reward from God, we shouldn’t find children to be a problem to be avoided. Then, we come to the last stage: the extension of the home. Referring to Psalm 128, describe the golden wedding anniversary as something that should be grateful that God has trusted us wonderful years together.

Tips to Write a Golden Wedding Anniversary Sermon

Now that you have got a sample of golden wedding anniversary sermon for Christian, you may like to know some tips to make the most of the sermon. There are actually some tips that you can follow to write a sermon. First, it is suggested to start with prayer.

Next, determine the main idea of the passage. You can use the idea above or find other ideas that suit the occasion the best. Then, you need to consider to whom you will be preaching as well since it will affect your illustration and vocabulary choices.

Finally, you shouldn’t forget to tell how the text can be applied to the hearers’ life. Now, you can use these tips to create your own wedding anniversary sermon. You can use the sample above as an inspiration to get started. Hope you enjoy this idea of golden wedding anniversary sermon for Christian.

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