List of Christian Spiritual Songs for Church Worship

When we are talking about a list of Christian spiritual songs for church worship, there are actually many awesome songs that can be included to the list. Some of the songs you find might be written a few years ago while others are new songs that are recently written. Thus, which one should we sing for the upcoming church worship?

Christian Spiritual Songs to Sing in Church Worship

Generally, there is no right or wrong on choosing the best spiritual songs to sing in the church worship. You may choose the song because of the message contained in the song or because you like the lyric since it can be understood effortlessly. Whatever it is the point is that you heart and mind is with God as you sing the song.

List of Awesome Christian Worship Songs to Consider

However, if you are asking for some ideas in the list of Christian spiritual songs for church worship, here we have arranged some awesome Christian worship songs that you can take into account for the upcoming church worship. The list here contains songs which are God-honoring and effortlessly understood. Without further ado, let’s check this out!

Song #1: Your Great Name

First of all, there is a recently released song by Natalie Grant that can be a great song for church worship. This song tells us about the way Jesus comes in every single thing of our life. Generally, this song is the one that can make you feel like you are able to sing it powerfully and out loud from a peak of mountain. 

Song #2: Days of Elijah

Second, there is also a song by Robin Mark which has a great message for church worship. As one of the songs in this list of Christian spiritual songs for church worship, Days of Elijah is a kind of song that respects God by showing the greatest He has. It also shows how His congregation praises Him.

Song #3: Give Me Jesus

For another awesome song to sing in church worship, there is Give Me Jesus. This is a song written by Fernando Ortega which has simple but lovely message in it. The song is surely simple since it only contains some lines. However, it provides us such deep meaning that we may be able to get everything, but without Jesus, they are nothing.

Song #4: God of the City

Another one in this list of Christian spiritual songs for church worship is an evangelistic song by Bluetree entitled God of This City which can help us to mirror our commission. It also comes with such simple, rhyming lyrics which can be easily sung. The lyric is full of praise toward God that can remind us how great the Lord is.

Song #5: Give Thanks

The last but not least, there is a song by Don Moen which has been used for church worship in years. We cannot deny that this song is one of the most popular ones. It comes with simple lyrics that can be easily remembered. That is why it becomes one of the best in this list of Christian spiritual songs for church worship.


A good song comes with great message and easily understood meaning. This list of Christian songs for church worship will give you both.

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