Sample of the Latest Christian Opening Prayers

An access to some sample of the latest Christian opening prayers will help you to start any event with the hope that God always blesses us in every way. Instead of developing anxiety and worry as we are attempting to predict uncertainty future, praying in advance will make us feeling more comfortable knowing that God always there with us.

Latest Christian Opening Prayers to Open Any Event

It is no secret that prayer is highly able to alter our situation. This is because our prayer may stir the heart of God. More importantly, prayer can allow us to recognize our situations better rather than getting afraid of the upcoming outcome. It is due to our hearts which change as well when we start to look for God’s truth and wisdom.

Latest Opening Prayer for a Meeting

Let’s start from some sample of the latest Christian opening prayers that you can use to start a meeting. Within our daily life scenarios, there can always be a meeting. It can be a business meeting to talk about future plan that you wish to go on perfectly so you wish to pray for blessing here. And here are some of the examples for you.

#1 Opening Prayer Sample for Project Meeting

Father, we thank you for each seat in this meeting which has been filled. And thank you for every heart and also mind which fills up this meeting room’s presence. It is just You who discern what we are putting out together to achieve something today. We acquire vision, hint, idea and every day instructions. However, it is only You who can see the detail.

In the end, every single season, every single life and every single project will be no vain because it is Your will. Your virtue exceeds all of our understanding and efforts. Pardon us for our arrogance, the arrogance which blows us up and intimidates to unqualify us.  Then, fortify our self-assurance in who You have created us to be. Bless this conference today. Amen.

#2 Opening Prayer Sample for Successful Project

You will need a sample of the latest Christian opening prayers once you arrange a meeting for successful project too. Here is the example. Father, we have been gathered today to celebrate our big success. In the world today which is full of calamity and chaos, we are here to embrace a accomplishment moment for Your magnificence and in the name of Yours.

Latest Opening Prayer for an Event

Next, it is a good idea to start your event by a good opening prayer. Here is the example. Father, we honor you for the sustainability of this event. We greatly understood that when we are here gathering together, You have had your own divine agenda for all the times. We surely love You for it.

We even more appreciated because You have always provided us with something better than we have ever asked to You. We wish that the result for today’s event can also be much better than we can imagine. You always provide us with what we actually need. That’s all some of the sample of the latest Christian opening prayers.


Need an example of Christian opening prayers? Here are the latest samples of Christian opening prayers that can be used for various events.

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