10 Wedding Anniversary Sayings for Husband and Wife

Our best collection of 10 wedding anniversary sayings for husband and wife are a great source when you need the right words to wish for a wedding anniversary. It’s no secret that anniversary becomes an essential milestone in a relationship. It is the best moment to turn back into the memory where a couple head to the same direction together.

10 Best Wedding Anniversary Quotes and Sayings

Since anniversaries are not just a modern celebration, it must be perfect to cherish this moment by sharing a sweet and beautiful quote to your better half. Whether it is your first anniversary or more, it has always been embraced with heart. So, here we’ve put together 10 wedding anniversary sayings for husband and wife that will inspire you.

No. 1 – 5: Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Husband

Firstly, let’s use a saying based on Mark Twain’s popular quote “A perfect marriage is when there are two imperfect persons decline to give up on each other.” This quote will be nice to remind how much both of you have done to always love each other. Secondly, there is a simple, yet sweet quote like “Thanks for being you.”

The third one on these 10 wedding anniversary sayings for husband and wife will be “The most wonderful thing I ever did was to decide that you are the one who I want to share my heart and life to.” It is surely one of the sweetest saying that you should share to your better half during a wedding anniversary celebration.

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Next, there is another sweet wedding saying that you should take into account “We probably don’t own it all together. However, together we own it all.” Say this word to your better half when celebrating your anniversary and you will melt his heart. Fifth, there is a saying inspired by Steve Maraboli’s quote “I will spend an infinity loving you, respecting you and caring you.”

No. 6 – 10: Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Wife

The upcoming list of these 10 wedding anniversary sayings for husband and wife will focus more on romantic anniversary quotes for wife. One of the best sayings on this special moment will be “We may get old, but it never gets old to tell you I love you.” Next, you can also say this quote to her “I never feel alone, because I have you.”

Then, we also have another romantic quote to share with your wife on anniversary “Throughout good and bad times, throughout health and sickness, my wife you’re always my number one.” The next on these 10 wedding anniversary sayings for husband and wifeis “Happy anniversary to the one who supplies me never ended love. Let’s build more wonderful marriage!”

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The last but not least, there is a super romantic saying that you can copy “God discerned what He’s doing when He took you to my life. He knew I will always be thankful to have you as my wife.” There will be none who won’t be melted with this beautiful quote. So, here they are the 10 wedding anniversary sayings for husband and wife.

Short and sweet wedding anniversary sayings for your husband or wife will be impactful enough to make his or her day. Use this list for your advantage.

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