10 Bible Verses About the Tithes that God Approves

Since the earliest times, God has commanded humans to tithes and offerings. Forexample, God refused the offerings of Cain and accepted Abel's offerings. But does God show that he accepted Abel's offerings because of his kind? The Bible does not say that. So we can conclude that it is not the material or quality of offerings that God receives. So, How much does the Bible say to tithe?

God can certainly see the fabric's heart motives that are not true and tend to feel jealous, so God warns Cain. So, in this article, we will discuss tithings such as what God approves, Here are some verses that relate to tithings that God wants and receives from humans:

10 Bible verses about the tithes that God approves

1. Matthew 6: 3

Interestingly in this verse the parable of the two hands is used, namely the right hand and the left hand. When it comes to offering sacrifices to God, he asks us not to give them openly so that other people know, but what is done by the right hand, not to be known by the left hand.

The motive of our hearts when making offerings to God is also certainly He knows. Do we really want to make offerings because we love God or because we only want to be seen by others.

2. Proverbs 18:16

Offering to God is like a gift we give to a friend we truly care about. Yes, even though God actually has everything, and even what we give to Him is actually his, God kindly invited us to make sacrifices to Him.

Because it is actually an offering is important to strengthen our relationship with God. He has given us many gifts, through the blessings we have received. For that we want to thank God by giving gifts in the form of our offerings.

3. Isaiah 1:11

Previously, God wanted the Israelites to make offerings of burnt offerings, as compensation for the mistakes or sins they had committed. But in this verse God says He is fed up with the burnt offerings that the Israelites gave because even though they were diligent in offering sacrifices, their hearts and attributes continued to sin.

From this we can conclude that the offerings we give to God do not mean that they will immediately erase our sins. God wants us to also have the right attitude by not sinning, and make offerings with the right motives.

4. Genesis 8:20

Another example recorded in the Bible is Noah. After surviving the flood and coming out of the ark. He gave thanks to God by offering sacrifices to God, namely some animals and some birds that are not unclean. Noah really paid attention to God's standards and obeyed them.

5. Deuteronomy 6: 4-6

We do not want to make offerings just because we feel it is our responsibility or obligation as Christians. But like the sound of this verse, we want to make offerings with the reasons and motives of the heart, which is because we truly love God.

6. Luke 6:36

Our God is a merciful or generous God. We can see God's mercy through His creation on earth. He created various types of plants as food for humans. Of course we also want to imitate God's generosity through our offerings.

7. John 13:35

One of the main characteristics of Christians which means followers of Christ is love. Yes, Christians will show love to others by sharing, no matter how much we can give to help others. The most important thing is that we try to help, even this is one of the ways we make offerings to God.

8. Proverbs 11:17

By showing kindness of course we will get good results too. Providing assistance to our neighbor certainly brings joy from God, so that he will also certainly help and bless our efforts.

9. Romans 3: 23,24

All human beings must sin, including myself and all readers. But Allah only gives ransom to humans. We can also imitate God by making free offerings, for example by helping others around us without expecting anything in return for the good we do.

10. 1 Chronicles 28: 9

God understands every human intention and thought. Whatever our intention in making offerings to God through various forms can be understood by God. Then we can ponder carefully at every opportunity to make offerings to God whether the tendencies of our hearts are correct and in accordance with God's will or even vice versa.

Thus the biblical verses that we can make material for learning and pondering about offerings that we will give to God, including offering sacrifices by giving help to others without expecting anything in return.

No matter the material, goods or the amount we give, offerings are more benevolent in the eyes of God if we have the right view and heart motives when giving them.

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