A Quick Guide to Christmas Celebration in Australia

Christmas celebration in Australia should be a bit different from other regions around the world. Different from many western countries, Christmas in Australia coincides with summer. It means that the atmosphere won’t be similar to the wintery Christmas in some countries. Then, how people in Australia celebrate this festive occasion?

Even though the traditions are mostly inspired by European customs, they are typically modified to suit the climate in Australia. This country shares in traditional holiday traditions like adorning a Christmas tree, exchanging gifts with significant people, and singing carols on December 24. But, there are some unique traditions as well.

For example, there is an annual event named Carols by Candlelight. This is the biggest event on Christmas Eve, featuring celebrity performances and an appearance from Santa. This event takes place in Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Now, let’s get to the details as follow.

How Christmas Is Celebrated in Australia

There are a variety of events to celebrate Christmas in Australia. Myer Christmas Windows is one of the city-specific traditions found in this country. This tradition has been performed since 1956 where Melbournians lined up in Bourke Street Mall to witness the miraculous Christmas window displays at Myer department store.

Moreover, there is also Adelaide Christmas Pageant which is held every November in South Australia. This parade features bands, floats, and a range of entertainers as well as a performance from Santa Claus. This event attracts so many people and is known as the second-biggest parade in the world.

Just like other countries around the world, Christmas celebration in Australia won’t miss special festive food. But, regarding the holiday season which falls in the middle of summer, the feast is usually sprightlier than in the northern regions. Most families will gather for Christmas lunch to enjoy al fresco in the backyard.

In case of a hot roast, people in Australia tend to prepare ham or turkey beforehand to carve and serve cold. Every family has its variation, but the roast is often glazed with maple, apricot, or honey. Seafood is also a popular dish during the festive holidays.

Activities to Do during Christmas Celebration in Australia

For those who are planning to spend their Christmas in Australia, there are some good ways to celebrate and enjoy this festive holiday. Exploring the nightlife during Christmas Even can be a good idea. There are a lot of events held annually and people tend to spread all around the city to celebrate it together.

For those who love to enjoy nature, celebrating Christmas by enjoying the east coast of New South Wales will be a good choice. This island is a popular place to celebrate Christmas in the country. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of special events and traditional Christmas foods.

In conclusion, Christmas in Australia is celebrated in some unique ways. Aside from the usual events like exchanging gifts and decorating a tree, there are many other traditions to do. Since the Christmas holiday happens to be in the summer, some traditions follow this climate. That’s all a guide to Christmas celebration in Australia.

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