11 Types of Calendars in The World

Calendar is no doubt important to our society and greatly affects the way of our lives. It is based on astrological observation that has started from the very ancient days. Now, we have followed one calendar worldwide but some holidays are still derived from the other calendars. Let's see some of the types of calendars below.

Types of Calendars

1. Anno Domini

This calendar is counted since the day Jesus was born. That is why to address the years that were so long ago we say BC, which is Before Christ or before Jesus was born.

2. Hijri Calendar

This type of calendar is Islamic, in which the Islamic holidays are based on this calendar. That is why Ramadhan and Month of Haji are different each year, because they are based on this calendar.

3. Julian Calendar

This is proposed by Julius Caesar and was used in the Roman world and most of Europe, until it is replaced by Gregorian calendar. It is still used in some Orthodox Church.

4. Gregorian Calendar

Julian calendar was corrected and the result is thistype of calendar. The development was made because there was a problem with the Easter day.

5. Saka Calendar

This type of calendar originated in India. Balinese also uses this type of calendar as the majority of the citizen is Hindu. The Balinese Hindu Festival, Nyepi Day, is based on this.

6. Javanese Calendar

The Javanese calendar is used by Javanese, Sundanese and Maduranese. They used to use the Saka Calendar to then shifted into this new calendar. They believe that the days are corellated with destiny.

7. Hebrew Calendar

The Hebrew Calendar is the type of calendar used by Jewish for their religious observances. It is one of the oldest calendars ever discovered.

8. Chinese Calendar

Even though Gregorian calendar is widely used among the world now, some holidays are still derived from the old calendar. Chinese does this as well to see when Chinese New Year is held. Just like Javanese, they also believe that the dates in Chinese calendar are related to destiny. So, if they are choosing dates for wedding or any special occasion, they will see from the Chinese calender.

9. Japanese Calendar

The Japanese Calendar started from the reign of the Emperor. For example, in the year of 2018 the Emperor has been reigned for 30 years. So, this year was called Heisei 30 based on this type of calendar.

10. Maya Calendar

This is the calendar that had made people believe that doomsday would be in 2012. It is because the Maya Calendar ended in the year of 2012. The hype of the media caused this calendar to become famous back in the day.

11. Coptic Calendar

Also called Alexandrian Calendar, this type of calendar is based on Egyptian calendar. This ancient calendar is used by the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Benefit of Calendars

We all know the functions of calendars in our lives, but the important dates come from each culture or religion's beliefs. The calendars we have today are the result of the work and discoveries of other types of calendars in the ancient time. Now, we are able to enjoy the most perfected version of these calendars.

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