5 Most Beautiful Hidden Beaches in the World

Going to the beach is one of the way to let go of every fatigue you have accumulated from working. When you want to escape from the cramped, hectic world of the city, there is no better option than going to a hidden beach where you can enjoy everything in private.

The Hidden Beaches All Over the World

Not as out there as other beaches, these hidden beachesaround the world are worthy for you to visit. The natural beauties come from the white sand, clear water and you can explore caves as well. Hint, some of them are only accessible with boat!

1. Butterfly Valley, Turkey

This remote beach is named Butterfly Valley because it is the home of many rare species of butterflies. There are two small waterfalls that you can play around while dipping in the ocean. It is truly one of the secret beaches in the world to visit that offers a calming yet unique experience.

2. Formentera, Spain

If you have heard of Ibiza Party Island, this secret beach is only half minutes ferry ride from there. It is smaller and not as known as its neighbor Ibiza, you are able to relax and exclusively enjoy their long stretched beach. You can even go here to rest after the great party you have in Ibiza!

3. Marietas Islands, Mexico

This hidden beach really is a secret. The beach can't even be seen, because it is surrounded by caves. Think of it as a hole with a beautiful beach in it. This beach is truly hidden that to get into this beach, you have to swim or paddle to get inside. A cool experience, isn’t it?

4. Shipwreck Cove, Greece

The clear white sand and the blue water makes this picturesque beach worthy of visiting. There is a wrecked ship in the middle of the beach, hence its name. Again, you need a boat to access this hidden beach. There is no facility in here, so bring whatever you can before going there.

5. Nihiwatu Beach, Indonesia

Sumba Island is now famous for its beauty. This secluded beach of Nihiwatu is different because you can do all kind of beach activities in here! From surfing to diving, you can enjoy your water sports time in this hidden beach. This beach is managed by Resort Nihiwatu, so you have to book a room first.

Secluded Beach Is A New Way To Relax

There are times when you go to the beach only to find it cramped and you keep bumping to each other. You want to go there to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, and these best secret beaches in the world are perfect for you to be alone with its scenery where you can unwind yourself.

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The blue water and the white sand, with no crowds of people along the way ruining that. Whether you want to spend your time alone or have some quality time with friends, these hidden beaches are there just for you to do that!

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